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Array Networks Support


Standard Support Levels & Definitions
  Warranty Bronze Silver Gold
Software UpDates1 90 days Yes Yes Yes
Repair & Return2 1 year NA Yes Yes
E-Mail Support3 90 days Yes Yes Yes
Support Web Site4 90 days Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support5 NA NA 12x5 24x7
Software UpGrade6 NA Yes Yes Yes
Advance Replacement7 NA NA NA Yes

1 Software UpDates:
An update to any software from Array Networks is a bug fix only release. The customer is not entitled to new features or major core revisions under this definition.

2 Repair & Return:
Units deemed by Customer Support as faulty may be returned to Array Networks for the purpose of repair. The same unit (same serial number), with necessary repairs, is returned to the same customer unless manufacturing deems the old hardware cannot be repaired in which case an equivalent or better unit will be provided. Return and Repair service DOES NOT apply to non-hardware appliances such as software features, user licenses and virtual instances.

3 Email Support:
Email support from the Array Networks Technical Assistance Center from 7AM-7PM Monday-Friday, excluding Array holidays. Contracted customers can submit issues via email to or from the Array Networks web site.

4 Support Web Site:
Array Networks' Support Web makes available a comprehensive set of information and software updates for registered customers, including product manuals, technical documents, and software downloads. Registration information (login/password) is necessary for access.

5 Phone Support:
Telephone support is provided by the Array Networks Technical Assistance Center from 7AM-7PM Monday-Friday or 24 hours a day, depending on the level of support Purchase. Calls received outside of normal business hours are routed to an on-call pager number.

6 Software UpGrades:
Includes access to all software upgrades and updates, which are considered major and minor releases, patch releases, maintenance releases, and functionality enhancements during the contract period.

7 Advance Replacement:
An Array Customer Support Engineer must authorize all returns in advance. Please be prepared to provide serial number(s) and a description of the problem.Array Networks shall replace malfunctioning hardware products based on its diagnosis of the problems. The replacement unit will be shipped from factory by next business day. Advance Replacement service DOES NOT apply to non-hardware appliances such as software features, user licenses, and virtual instances.